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Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still here. O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

"It has been our honor to provide services for these Veterans"  

Ameigh, James US Navy

Anderson, Gilbert US Marine Corps

Anderson, Ralph US Army

Antes, Howard US Army

Auffhammer, Albert US Navy

Arnold, Arthur US Army

Austin, Dale E. US Army

Austin, Lawrence US Army

Austin, Lyle US Air Force

Austin, Richard US Army

Ayres, Water US Army

Badeau, Walter US Army

Bahr, Paul US Navy

Baier, Louis US Marine Corps

Baker, Gerald US Army

Baker, Norman US Army

Barnes, Charles US Army

Barnstead, Robert US Army

Batrowny, George US Navy

Batrowny, William US Army

Bauman, Elmer US Marine Corps

Baumlin, James D. US Navy                      

Beckman, Reynold E. US Navy                            

Beechey, William US Navy

Beemer, Martha US Navy

Betts, Robert US Army

Blair, David US Army

Black, Richard US Army & US Navy

Blake, John Edward US Army

Blim, Claude US Army

Boughton, Michael US Navy

Bragg, Paul US Navy

Bresett, Francis John US Army

Briggs, Allan Jr. US Army

Brock, Dinyl US Army

Broock, Robert US Army

Brooks, Fred US Army

Brooks, William US Army

Brown, Donald US Army

Brown, Edward G. US Navy

Brown, John F. US Navy                                

Brown, Russell US Army & Naval Reserve

Buckland, Charles Sr. US Marine Corps & US Army

Buholski, Eugene US Navy

Burnside, John US Army

Burroughs, Kelly E. US Army                            

Cadek, Arthur US Air Force                                  

Carnegie, William US Marine Corps

Cary Howard C. US Marine Corps

Cavaluzzi, James US Army Reserve

Caywood, Arthur US Navy

Chaapel, William US Army Air Corps

Cieri, Thomas Sr. US Navy

Clark, Charles US Army                                      

Clark, Ralph E. US Navy

Clark, William US Navy

Close, Hudson US Army

Collins, Ernest US Army

Colunio, James L. US Navy

Comfort, Gerald US Army

Congdon, Donald US Army

Connell, Robert H. US Army

Cook, Richard “Dick” US Army

Coppola, Saverio US Navy

Corbett, Rev. Claude US Navy & US Marine Corps

Corbin, Edward US Navy

Covey, Redford US Air Force

Coyle, Dr. Norma US Naval Lt. Commander

Cramer, Alan US Army

Culshaw, Alan  Royal Airforce

Curren, Martin US Army

Dallas, George J. Sr. US Army

Dallas, Ronald J. US Marine Corps

Davey, John US Army

Davidson, William US Army

Davies, Lawrence US Army

Davis, William L. US Army Air Force

Dean, John US Navy

Deats, Randy Lee US Marine Corps

Dellow, Roy US Air Force

Dembosky, William Jr. US Army

Deming, Robert US Marine Corps

Dengle, James US Navy

Dickinson, George US Air Force

Dininny, Luke US Army

Dittler, Robert US Army

Doane, Eldon US Navy

Doan, Herbert US Army

Donahue, Robert J. US Marine Corps

Donohoe, David US Army                               

Dooley, Matthew “Bud” US Marine Corps

Downing, Vernon US Marine Corps

Doyle, James C. US Army                                      

Doyle, Russell Jr. US Air Force

Drake, Winfield US Army

Duncan, Arthur US Navy

Dunn, Glenn E. Jr. US Navy

Dunn, Jeffrey US Air Force & National Guard

Dyer, Howard R. US Army                               

Dytman, John W. US Army Air Corps

Easton, Stuart E. US Airforce

Eberle, Alan US Navy

Edger, Jack US Army

Edger, Willis US Army Reserve

Eighmey, Joseph US Air Force

Eisenhower, Howard US Navy

Erle, Jack US Army Air Corps

Evans, Harland US Navy & US Army

Evans, Leon US Navy

Everson, Charles US Army

Ewanyk, Peter US Army

Farra, Thomas US Seabees

Felko, Michael US Army                                

Fine, Robert Flynn National Guard

Fish, Dannie E. Sr. US Army

Fitzsimmons, Roy US Marine Corps

Fleming. Edward US Marine Corps

Force, William A. US Air Force

Ford, Orley US Coast Guard

Fox, Robert US Air Force

Friends, Glenn US Air Force

Furman, Herbert C. III US Army

Galvin, Edward US Army

Gamble, John “Bud” US Army

Gensel, William US Army

Gilbert, Frank US Air Force

Gilbert, Lester US Air Force

Gleckner, Donald US Navy

Gordon, William L. Sr. US Army

Guerrera, Dino US Army

Graby, Kenneth N. US Army

Graham, R. Michael US Marine Corps

Green, Burley US Army

Greenough, Paul E. US Army

Grover, Frank US Army

Haase, William US Army

Hall, Burton US Army

Hall, John US Navy

Hall, Norris US Air Force

Halm, Clifford US Army

Ham, Clairmont US Army

Ham, Kenneth W. “Kenny” US Army

Harris, Robert US Army

Hartman, William US Marine Corps

Hayes, Donald US Army

Held, William T. US Army

Hobczuk, Nikolaj US Army                           

Hodge, Raymond US Army

Holland, Harlan US Air Force                        

Hollis, William Rev. US Navy

Holly, Carl US Army

Holton, Lewis “Tim” US Navy

HornBeck, Robert US Air Force

Horton, Eugene R. US Army

Horton, Ralph US Air Force

Houghtaling, Leonard US Marine Corps

Houston, Terry US Navy

Hovencamp, Richard US Army

Hungerford, A. Raymond US Army

Janeski, Michael Sr. US Army

Jenkins, Richard US Army Air Force

Jennings, Elwin “Al” US Navy

Jerzak, Charles US Army

Jilson, Walter V. US Air Force

Jordan, Bill US Air Force

Kane, Hugh C. US Navy

Karam, James US Army

Kauffman, Edward US Army

Kieffer, Paul US Navy

Kieffer, Paul B. US Army

Kelley, Wayne US Navy

Kelly, Richard US Air Force

Kennedy, Earl S. US Army

Kennedy, Thomas US Army

Kinkade, David US Army

King, John R. Jr. US Air Force

Kline, Paul US Army Aircorps

Knickerbocker, Harry US Navy

Koponen, Lauri US Army

Krause, Harold US Navy

Laskaris, Robert US Army

Lathrop, Harold US Army

Latshaw, Keith US Navy

Lavalley, Alonzo US Army Air Force

Levack, Donald G. US Army

Little, Charles D. US Army

Little, Glenn E. Sr. US Army & US Navy

Locke, Edward US Navy

Long, Harold US Army

Long, Jeanette US Army

Long, Stanley US Army

Lopreste, Dominic US Navy

Lorenson, Charles US Navy

Lowman, George R. US Army

Lumbard, Richard US Navy

MacDougall, Lauren US Navy

Mackowiak, Bernard US Army

MacNeal, Raymond US Air Force

Maier, Alwynne US Army

Malcolm, Charles US Air Force

Martin, Douglas US Army

Matthews, Francis US Army

Mayer, James K. US Navy

Maynard, Harold Jr. US Army

McCarthy, Michael US Marine Corps

McCauley, Clifford US Marine Corps

McDonald, Francis US Army

McDonald, Raymond US Army

McDonald Robert US Air Force

McLaughlin, Donald US Navy

McMorrow, John US National Guard

McQuay, Audet US Army

Meador, Charles US Army

Mickley, Clair US Navy

Mickley, Darwin A. US Marine Corps

Middaugh, William F. US Navy

Miller, Ansel US Navy

Miller, Walter US Army

Mitchell, Louis US Navy

Mitchell, Mary Ann US Army

Molter, Frederick US Air Force

Moore, Charles US Army

Morgan, Gerald US Army

Morgan, Harmon US Army

Morgan, Vernon US Army

Morgan, Wilbur US Army

Morris, Bruce US Air Force

Morris, Richard US Naval Reserve

Morrow, Michael US Army

Mucci, John US Army

Muccigrosso, Vincent USMC

Murdough, Bernard US Army

Murphy, Clifford US Army

Myers, Robert US Army

Myfelt, R. Ivan US Army

Naylor, Raymond US Navy

Newcomer, Walter US Navy

Nicholson, Thomas US Navy

Nisco, Amadio US Army

Norton, Edward US Marine Corps

Oberg, Albert E. US Navy

Oefelein, Arthur US Army

Oppenhein, Richard US Army

Orme, Clifton US Army

Palmer, Gale L. US Army

Palmer, Richard US Army

Payne, Melvin US Marine Corps

Pazahanick, Peter US Coast Guard

Petris, George Jr. US Navy

Perkins, T. Clair US Air Force

Pickering, Floyd US Army

Pierce, James US Army

Pierce, Frederick US Army

Polovick, Thomas US Army

Post, Donald US Air Force

Powers, Gene E. US Army

Price, Gerald US Army

Punchard, Herbert T. Jr. US Army

Quail, Susan M. US Army

Rarick, Douglas US Navy

Rathbun, Arthur US Navy

Rathbun, Floyd “Ike” US Navy

Rathbun, John US Navy

Rhoades, Richard US Army

Rice, James M. US Army                                   

Rice, Joseph US Navy

Riley, Leroy “Butch” US Navy

Robinson, Clifton US Army

Robinson, Malcolm US Army

Roblyer, Scott US Army

Rockwell, Rev. Donald D. US Army

Rohr, Charles R. Jr. US Army

Rohr, Lance T. US Army

Romano, Andrew US Navy

Rose, Lavern US Navy

Rounds, Raymond A. Jr. US Army

Rutty, Emerson E. US Army

Sams, Robert R. Jr. US Navy

Sands, George US Army

Sardo, Robert US Navy

Savona, Albert US Army

Schmidt, James Us Marine Corps                                            

Schuepfer, Charles US Army

Scida, John US Navy

Seagren, John US Army

Searle, Arthur C. US Air Force

Sechrist, Harold E. US Army

Silvers, Bruce US Army

Shannon, Albert US Army

Shaw, Donald H. US Coast Guard

Shiave, Frank US Navy

Shinebarger, Francis US Army Air Force

Shirley, Charles US Army

Shroyer, Aaron US Army                                    

Skorczewski, Kurt US Navy

Slawson, Donald US Army

Smith, L. E. Gunner US Marine Corps

Snowburg, Lewis US Army

Snyder, Delos “Duke” US Marine Corps

Snyder, Elaine E. US Army

Spencer, J. William US Navy

Spencer, Seward G. US Air Force

Spencer, William R. US Marine Corps

Spencer, Roy III US Navy

Stafford, William P. US Marine Corps

Staviski, William Jr. US Army

Stewart, William H. US Navy

Stickler, Frank L. US Army

Stimmerman, Carl D. US Army

Storch, John US Marine

Strope, Earl US Army

Struble, Dale US Army

Stull, Lawrence Army National Guard

Sullivan, John Jr. US Air Force

Sullivan, SGM Lawrence US Army

Talada, Earl US Air Force

Tallis, John US Navy

Tanner, Sereno “Cy” US Army Air Corps

Templeton, W. A. “Bucky” US Army

Terrio, Clinton US Navy

Thayer, Dennis R. US Navy

Thomas, Philip C. US Army

Thornton, Richard US Army

Tice, John US Marine Corps

Tillinghast, Robert US National Guard

Tillotson, William US Army

Todd, Charles G. US Nation Guard

Touschner, James US Air Force

Tucker, Leroy US Army & US Air Force

Updike, James L. US Army

VanAmburg, Jesse US Army Air Corps

VanDeusen, Richard US Air Force

Van Dyne, Edward US Army                                  

VanHorn, James US Marine Corps

VanZile, Edward US Army

Vecellio. Bruno US Navy

Velia, John J. US Army

Vert, Leland F. US Navy

Walsh, Robert US Navy

Walsh, Thomas, US Army

Wandell, LaVerne US Army

Watts, John Jr. US Army

Welshans, Henry US Army

Wendela, Allen US Army

Westervelt, Richard US Marine Corps

Wheaton, “Ted” US National Guard

Wheeler, Albert US Army

Wheeler, Earl US Army

Wheet, Francis US Air Force                             

Whipple, Edward US Army

White, Donald US Navy

Whitney, Earl B. US Marine Corps

Wilber, Robert US Navy

Wilson, Duke L US Navy

Winslow, Charles US Marine Corps

Woodard, Gerald US Army

Wortman, Arthur US Navy

Woughter, Terry US Navy

Wright, Duane US Army

Wright, Regina US Navy

Yanowiak, Robert Sr. US Army

Yarnell, Clifford US Army

Zinn, Kenneth US Navy

Zinn, William US Navy

Zukas, William US Coast Guard

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